Per Niente

About Us

The Per Niente Club is unique in nature. We are long-time friends who as youngsters immersed themselves – through sports and social events - into the Italian-American culture inherited from our parents and grandparents.

That friendship, forged through years of playing baseball, basketball and football has now evolved into golf and tennis. We watched our children grow and have invited each other to their weddings. We now socialize with friendly cups of coffee and weekly dinners. There were numerous Italian-American neighborhoods in Western New York. Because of similar culture and upbringing - we were at home whether on Swan Street, Lovejoy or the West Side. We mostly attended neighborhood schools.  In High School we bonded with non-neighborhood Italians to form an amazing and diverse connective network.

Our goal, through Per Niente Magazine and a few functions we host during the year is to revisit and share our culture with our community. Membership in the club is $40.00. That translates to four quarterly issues of  Per Niente Magazine: a publication of memorable stories and photos submitted by our subscribers that depict our Italian heritage and bring to life the experience of closely knit families, friends and neighborhood. That fee covers all production costs.  ALL surplus monies go to our annual Christmas Fund dedicated to the needy in our immediate community

As such, though the once colorful streets of our youth, populated by Italian immigrants and their families have vanished and life styles have evolved, we cling to those memories. Our success is steeped in your reminiscence as many of us are the last generation that can relate to that ghost of a neighborhood we once knew.